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    One big "lie" after world war the threats of the german submarines.

    It has its root in Churchills preferential right of interpretation, after the war in his books about the WW2.

    The figures says that no more than 5% of the merchant ships sailing to UK over the atlantic, over a halfyear period where sunk as worst, and less than 1% of the ships per year.
    By facts the submarine warfare was far more succesfull during the WW1.
    The radar and aircover made every attack a suicide attempt for the submarine crew.
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    Are you sure that this doesn't belong in the SHIII forums?
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    Don't even know what he/she is trying to say.

    I think Churchill said WW1 had the worst U~Boat threat, and it was worse than WW2 U~Boats or WW2 Luftwaffe.
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    If using as a turn fighter forget it.Diving was their forte so don't turn with allied craft.Zoom and BOOM!!!

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