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    When i double click on the icon for Beyond good and evil i get a message saying:"The grapichs card drivers are not the more recent, they could cause some problems to the game. Do you wanna continue?"
    I've been updating my drivers with the windows options and tried to download a new driver on ati.com, but nothing is working. So it would be really nice if any of you guys could help

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    Hi Sandberg_611,

    I'd say the most likely cause of your problem is the fact that the game is not compatible with Windows Vista.

    However, there is something you can at least try. I've posted a possible solution below:

    Right click on the game icon
    Go to Properties
    Go to Compatibility
    Put a tick in the box that says "Run this program in compatibility mode..."
    Choose Windows Xp and test the game again

    There's every chance this may not work (it's very hit and miss) but worth a shot. You could also try right-clicking on the game icon and choosing 'Run As Administrator.'

    Outside of this there isn't really much else to advise as the game was simply not designed for use with Windows Vista.
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    The game should run just fine on Vista (even 64bit) as long as you don't have the old version where the copy protection drivers prevent the game from starting. The message stating that the drivers are out of date happens on most new configurations, but you can disregard that and continue anyway. If the game won't start then you'll need to provide a bit more information, what exactly happens after you click continue?
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