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    THE CREW 3 - Big Idea for the Next Generation

    I'd like to take this forum to give you some ideas for the highly anticipated The Crew 3 in the next generation:
    The detailed map of the USA was a great contribution to explore on TC2. I want to imagine what it would be like if you (the devs) could do the same but on a scale map of Western Europe. Driving from Milan to Berlin, Monaco to Barcelona or Paris to London through the EuroTunnel would be a dream come true!. And you have the potential, the people and the ideas to do it. Please consider it
    The essence of The Crew is unique and deserves to be continued for the following generation!
    Congratulations to all. At Ubisoft in France and Ivory Tower in NY for the great work done and the improvements that constantly enrich the game that give us a lot of happiness!
    Keep going the same way!
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    And we hope that the Ubisoft event in August will give space to the new news of The Crew 2 or 3. It is a wonderful game that deserves more promotion and that many players love.
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    ...This "Big Idea" was what many people already proposed for TC2 even before it was announced
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    And they did a spectacular job recreating the entire map of the USA!
    It is time that they do the same with another location. and Europe for its size is ideal for The crew 3...
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