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    Grid for the MeshModler

    And a grid for the MeshModler while waiting for the real one, (if there is one planned)


    The contents of the Zip:

    - The Grid in Crystal format

    - The texture of the grid in DDS format

    - 7 Materials files for the different sizes (x0.5 - X1 - X2 - X4 - X8 - X16 - X32)

    by default when loading the grid, the size is: X4


    Put the file "GrilleMeshModlerTM2020.zip" in: C: \ Users \ XXXNAMEXXX \ Documents \ Trackmania2020, right click on it and choose "Extract here"

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    Sorry to ask but is there a "tuto" ? I know how to use it in TM2 but i cant remember how to do it when u are in game:s

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    forget what i say .. i got into it i can modify a bloc but i cant remove all of the bloc the part "down" structure of the bloc i cant del it :s