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    Rocksmith 2014 suddenly stopped working

    Just to get the basic troubleshooting stuff out of the way, I've tried verifying the files on Steam (all verify) and restarting/shutting down the PC. Also tried switching to Steam beta to see if that would help, no go. I also made an exception for the Rocksmith folder for Windows Defender, thinking maybe the antivirus causing it, didn't help either.

    I tried to launch RS2014 today and it's crashing right at start on the screen with the guitar pick. I've been playing this game successfully on this computer almost daily since I built it last Oct. Doing my own troubleshooting, I've changed nothing since yesterday when it ran fine, but I did notice that "Xbox Game Bar" and "Gaming Services" updated today(I have the Game Bar disabled, and the gaming services have no way to uninstall/disable that I can see, the option is grayed out). I don't know what kind of information would be useful, system wise....I'm running Win10 latest build, 1080ti 32g of Ram etc etc, no hardware has changed or anything between the time it ran fine yesterday and today. There are crash logs in the rocksmith folder that I've uploaded here to my dropbox:


    This is really bumming me out because like I mentioned, I practice daily and not being able to rock is disappointing. Any suggestions? I do have a system restore point from July 2nd that I could try, but that is kind of my worst case scenario because it would take quite awhile to backup some things I've done since then.
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    I ended up just doing a system restore, which fixed it. Hopefully whatever background update happened will not happen again.
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    Hey sether01,

    Thanks for clearing up that you solved the issue with a restore.

    Hopefully, nothing else gets in the way of your rocking!
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