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    Champion/Funky Ray and VIP status

    Hey guys,

    do anybody knows, what I have to do for unlock Champion or Funky Ray figure at Rayman Legends?
    I have more than 100 diamonds, playing almost every day (for more than one and half year) and still got nothing (figure, also status).

    I know, there are a too much better players with hundreds of diamonds, but no matter of it, I want to know what I have to do to reach it.


    (SharkPool2, PS4)
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    Does anyone have an answer? I have the same question.
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    Champion/Funky Ray

    Dear SharkPool2,

    since u playing on the PS4, u have to get the VIP status (Obtaining good scores and be active in the Ubisoft forums; probably). After receiving the VIP status u have already unlocked Champion Ray.
    The way of getting Funky Ray, is to pay 100 Uplay units, then u get Funky Ray

    I hope I were able to answer your question

    Kind Rgds,
    AaronTM \ ’Aaron
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