Hi Everybody,

Are there any other Websites, other than in the Link below, which have a load of Missions, Aircraft, Utilities etc, for the original Lucasarts SWOTL and TFH Games ?

I mean have any recently, or in the last few years, been any more Missions, Utilities etc, made for these two Games ? I really enjoy playing both in the Dosbox Emulator.

Did Lucasarts ever release the Software they used, to make the External aspects of the Planes Designs ? As all Aircraft Mods were Hex Edited. Have any actual externally new Planes,

been made since for the Games by Modders ?

This was the Website I found :-


And what an excellent Website it is !

Keith Heitmann, am I right in thinking, you made Mods for SWOTL by Lucasarts ?

Do you have any information you could give me ?

Any help and info would

be much appreciated


Eddie Winch