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    How to see the ratings that people gave to your map in map review

    During the last few days I was wondering if you could see the ratings given by the players to your map during the map review. I asked the chat several time and nobody seemed to know if it was possible. I just found out how to do so I guess I'd share it.

    • Go to the following page and log in with your account : https://players.trackmania.com/player
    • Under the Maps section, go to Map review. Your submitted maps appear with the average rating, number of votes and the ratings distribution.

    For example, for my map (I guess it won't be map of the day ) :

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    Hi asmoth41,

    Many thanks for sharing this information on forums ^_^
    Post added as sticky

    Happy Gaming!
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    Thank you very much for making it a sticky post

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    Thank you a lot for sharing the information!
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