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    Developer Update: Now with Point Totals!

    Hello, hello! It’s me again, Toller, and it’s another beautiful Monday in July! What’s ahead for the week? Let’s find out together!

    Here is the Weekly Timetable

    This week begins with a Mission Event that will last for both Monday and Tuesday! Wednesday will be a busy one, as we’ll have both a Token Event running AND the beginning of an all new Chaos Mode! What have we got in store for our second week of Chaotic energy? The Dark Angel’s Gift! This week all tanks cost one less energy point than usual and unholy characters have increased stats. Then we’ll wrap things up over Friday and the Weekend with a Call Girl Card Event!

    The following cards can be used and boosted in this weekend’s event:

    • Call Girl
    • The Chomper
    • Toolshed
    • Super Craig
    • General Disarray
    • The Coon
    • Professor Chaos
    • Fireball
    • Blood Elf Bebe
    • Mayor McDaniels
    • Hercules Clyde
    • Astronaut Butters

    I also have all of the point totals available for this week’s events! To keep this neat, I’ll list all three here together:

    Token Collection Event Point Totals:
    Solo Pack One 50 Points
    Solo Pack Two 100 Points
    Solo Pack Three 150 Points
    Solo Pack Four 225 Points
    Solo Pack Five 325 Points

    Mission Event Point Totals:
    Solo Pack One 50 Points
    Solo Pack Two 125 Points
    Solo Pack Three 200 Points
    Solo Pack Four 300 Points
    Solo Pack Five 400 Points

    Weekend Event Point Totals:
    Solo Pack One 3 Points
    Solo Pack Two 8 Points
    Solo Pack Three 16 Points
    Solo Pack Four 24 Points
    Solo Pack Five 36 Points
    Solo Pack Six 48 Points
    Solo Pack Seven 64 Points
    Solo Pack Eight 80 Points
    *** ***
    Team Pack One 50 Points
    Team Pack Two 250 Points
    Team Pack Three 600 Points
    Team Pack Four 1,000 Points


    We'll be seeing the full changes to Chaos Mode this week! Last week was a bit of a rough start, and we thank all of you for your patience while we worked out those kinks. This week will be much smoother, and we'll be flipping the switch on not just the new look for Chaos mode, but for the matchmaking changes previously discussed in Buck's Chaos mode video. I can wait for your feedback, so please feel free to share it once the Chaos begins!


    If you haven’t yet joined our official South Park: Phone Destroyer Discord Server, come on over! It's the best place for all South Park: Phone Destroyer discussions! If you’re interested in joining and hanging out with some great fellow New Kids, click HERE

    That's all I have to share for this week! July tends to be a very quiet and easy-going month for Phone Destroyer, as is the summer tradition, so our Dev Updates are (hopefully, knock on wood!) also going to be pretty chill for the next few weeks. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that the upcoming days are kind to you and yours.

    Hearts and Hugs,
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    can we get less card events or at least a change of a weekend card event every week?
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    No please don't listen to the guy above. card events are the best and token events are the worst. keep doing what you're doing regarding these. or if possible include more card events
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    Previous quotes

    Hey Toller,
    What about more previous quotes for players interaction in game. It would be nice have so many more options of messages to send to opponents. It could be the same amount of slots that actually have, but we could choose previous quotes among others on configs.

    What about?
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    This game is getting so boring.. same **** over and over again.. same meta for many months already.. when are you going to completely gevamp the game? you know.. balance every card out better. cause now you see the same cards being used too much.. and so many cards are just collecting dust.. you know.. poor Outlaw Tweek, Gunslinger Kyle, Shaman token, many SH cards.. mackey.. Classi..Marvin..friar. scout Ike, Posedon stan, DARK MAGE CRAIG, just to name a few...
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    A propos matchmaking: Currently (for the first time) really no matchmaking at all
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    Any update about tvt changes/revamp yet?
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    "This game is getting so boring.. same **** over and over again.. same meta for many months already.. when are you going to completely gevamp the game?"

    @Tediz1982 You're 100% correct, the game hasn't updated in years. But that won't change ever, this game was clearly a bust and is just on auto-pilot now. No way Ubisoft will devote anymore resources to it. Now it is just about squeezing as much money from the remaining players that feel too invested in the game to stop paying.
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    I agree, kill some fantasy cards off so we get a nice mix of things.
    and please kill off deranking, sick of facing 8.5 level decks sitting at 7.9 when trying to do my own thing.

    card use events please put a good mix and selection of cards on the list, no point putting a load of rubbish cards for certain themes.
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    Well looks like I'm taking the week off. Legendary reset anyways
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