Hey everyone,

After three intense months of hunting, we would like to congratulate Racehans for his win on the Winter 2021 official campaign and he shall receive his deserved trophy 9!
The new Spring 2021 campaign is now available with its 25 new tracks and for free! Feel free to try them out.

We're also pushing an update alongside that and here is the changelog:


+ Added new Spring 2021 for offline mode
+ Removed last 14 Tracks of the Day channel and replace it with direct access to the map review server
+ Reduced the brightness of the position number on the car
+ Improved map name display in the submitted maps of the review server
+ Improved greatly the loadings of monthly campaign and rankings
+ Improved display of Nadeo news text
+ Fixed a crash in the new Garage menu
+ Accepted WebM format for Item Collection images in Clubs
+ Displayed the id of the activity as well as a lock icon when it's private in the club administration page
+ Added a new score callback "EndMatchEarly" to game modes
+ Multple gamecrash fixes
+ Fixed MediaTracker clips that would stop due to a respawn when they should not


+ Added handling of AFK players
+ Fixed an issue where you wouldn't be able to play at the start of the match
+ Fixed an issue where you wouldn't be able to leave when you would rejoin at the end of a match
+ Displayed the best time of the race in the end match score table and rank players by best time after points (in case of a draw between 2 players, MVP goes to the best time)
+ Displayed the point penalty in the menu when you're leaving a match early
+ Displayed a message in the chat to warn when players cannot chat because they have the Starter Access
+ Fixed an issue where if no players would connect to the match, it would immediately end
+ Improved how fast a match starts

Thanks and see you on track!