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    [Editor] Possible to make Rain (droplets falling)..?

    Sorry for the Noob Question, but I was trying to make a nice forest scene with a cloudy sky and some rain - however I can't seem to find Rain in the Arcade/Map Editor for the life of me lol

    I looked it up and couldn't find any Tutorial or anything, that included actual rain (droplets falling from the sky).
    I did find a nice Cloudy/Fog effect in the Map Editor, as well as a "Stormy" atmospheric, which has flashing sky (lighting?) and thunder audio effects - all very nice, btw Ubi!
    However, no rain "droplets"...

    Thanks for any ideas on how to make Rain
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    If you're on PC and running my latest editormod, it allows you to further customize some particle effects. Maybe you can make some better rain with that.

    But normally, the stormy environment is closest you can get I think, aside from putting several water-splash VFX in the map, like shown here:

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