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    Cant Login

    This has been annoying me for months now and i've finally come here. So whats happening is that i cant login to my ubisoft account so i use the 'Or log in with:' and i choose xbox. But i also tried without using it and it never worked. So i tried to login into account management but there was no signing in with xbox or such. So im stuck with an xbox account i deleted ages ago and i forgot the login details with it because i only used it for fun. So basically i cant really get into the Hyper Scape test and i cant get my Twitch Prime loot for my xbox.
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    or atleast i can get a account detail reset D:
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    M11NTY_YT: Thanks for reaching out about this! I see that you have created a support ticket ( 12055146 ) and that you had a live chat! Are you still having an issue?
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