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    Accessing The Settings Menu

    You'll be able to find the in-game settings by navigating the mouse towards the top of the screen. This will make the toolbar visible for you. By clicking on the gear cog icon, this will take you to the Trackmania settings. Here you'll be able to find options for your profile, graphics, sound, input, interface and system.

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    To set the maximum graphics settings, I spent 30 minutes yesterday ... Too much, the developers for some reason did it in a difficult way
    O_o_o_o..... 😎

    If I play with a gamepad six meters from the big TV, I have to get up, go to the computer, take the mouse and only then do what I need. Why at once it was impossible to make all the settings with gamepad? 👀

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    is there an activation key? where is it?

    is there an activation key? where is it?

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    When purchasing the game or creating a free account, you don't have to enter a key to play the game.

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