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    UBIFORWARD - Promo code is not valid

    No idea what I am doing wrong, but using the code advertised just tells me it is not valid

    "You can get 20% off extra on your cart by using the code 'UBIFORWARD' at checkout. Restrictions apply.
    Sale ends on 21st July at 9am"

    Any ideas - I checked the restrictions, even managed to find a full price item to test it out as EVERYTHING is on sale lol - why does the extra 20% not work?
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    Same here. Been holding off my purchase since this code doesn't work
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    What a FANTASTIC reply I finally got on the second attempt from Ubisoft support...

    "Welcome back to Ubisoft Support.

    Thank you for updating your case.

    On our end, there is no UBIFORWARD code showing for use.

    If you have seen the code on your side promoted, please note that this is not intended and it was reported to our teams.

    Please keep an eye out for future sales or discounts and apologies for the inconvenience.

    For any further assistance, or if any questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact us

    Kind regards,
    Ubisoft Support"

    And yet still, the code is RIGHT THERE - on your own website!

    I even gave links and screengrabs.

    Pretty useless I have to say.
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    Could be that the code will become available for us starting July the 12th? During the actual stream.
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    Seems strange that it's been on their UK website (on every page) since at least the beginning of the week.

    "Only one discount code can be used per order.

    Offer valid until July 14th 00h59 UK time."

    Doesn't state a start date.
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    I persevered and got this back....

    "Thank you for getting back to us.

    Please be advised that the PLAY20 Promotion will start from the 10/07/2020 and will end on the 14/07/2020.

    Should you have the any additional queries, please feel free to contact us at any time."

    Yet still UBIFORWARD is on the website - lets see if it works tomorrow then.
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    FINALLY, the code works today.

    Must try harder Ubisoft...
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    is the code valid for whole time in Ubiforward sale?

    because it seems I couldn't use it ... am I late?
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    Originally Posted by asereis Go to original post
    is the code valid for whole time in Ubiforward sale?

    because it seems I couldn't use it ... am I late?
    Hello asereis,

    Welcome to the forums! The voucher code 'UBIFORWARD' for 20% off your basket expired July 13th.
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