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    Best way to...

    Hi all

    I'm coming to the end game and I've got only 3 more legendary assassin's left to farm up - all in sequence 5 under the low category. It's been days since I've seen a roll for one of these heroes, and I'm thinking there must be a better way!

    How do I get the shards I'm missing? If it's just roll away, hoping to roll low and get some shards - I fear I don't have the stomach for this grind.

    Help a brother out!


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    Running the low drop missions, and spend the DBC that you are probably starting to build. Also, sometimes they drop DNA in the featured hero cubes during events. It seems like this would take forever, but it actually goes faster than you think.

    Unfortunately, once you have completed this task running for event heroes, and re-running missions, maybe some crafting, is the only thing left to do in the game while we wait for new playable content. New heroes and some new events is what we've seen lately. I'd recommend not trying to finish everything as fast as possible. Run the missions with different hero combinations and try to have fun playing and experimenting with things.