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    Anno History Collection - that much better than older GoG version?

    $40 is a lot of money for what seems to be a compatibility update. Can someone weight in on the worthiness of this?
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    Well, it's worth to me, since I do not had all, and some I had lost, but I did kind of bough 1404 again, big is 64 bit support, so I think that is worth it to me, along preorder bouns come with it even you didn't pre order long back again, if you want to play older game with 64 bit support, I think it's worth it, if you had money, if you do not had money, and you do had working pc run your older game 32 bit and it's run fine, then no, it's not worth it.

    For 1404, it's do carry your profile user from 32 bit to 64 bit, not sure about saved game, and not sure about older anno as well.
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    Worth it for 1602 and 1503 since those games lack proper support on modern systems and dont have 1080p resolutions like 1701 and 1404 had. The multiplayer is a nice bonus too but i havent tried it out yet
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