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    Some OoS problems & general feedback

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the great multiplayer - never thought I could play Anno 1503 with my friends, especially after all those years.

    Sadly, we have some big issues. If we play a match with more than two human players, we get the Out of Sync message permanently. Until everybody has a small settlement (ca. 500 settlers) the game runs fine. After that we get every 60 seconds or so an OoS message. This makes the game unplayable.

    * playing 60 seconds *
    * 50 seconds reset*
    * playing 60 seconds *
    * 50 seconds reset *
    * playing 60 seconds *
    * 50 seconds reset *
    You probably get what I mean..

    So now I play only with one friend. It worked great until both of use had ca. 2000 citizens (stage 3). Then the OoS started again. At the beginning we had just problems after loading the save game (the first ten minutes after loading looked like the three-person match described, but after these 10 minutes games ran smoothly). Now we both have more than 3000 in our cities, and we get the OoS message all five to 20 minutes. It not only happens after reloading this save game, it happens constantly.

    This problem results in another problem: if the game resynchronises and resets buildings we built, but it sometime does not give you back the resources you used to build. We do not know the reason for it is, but we also observed that the population consumed MUCH more resource in 20 minutes of gameplay with many OoS than in 20 minutes of gameplay without OoS. This can make the game sometimes very tricky.

    Some other minor bugs:
    - all my friends using two or three desktops having issues with crashes and controls,
    - sometime unloading the Scout on an island crashes the game (at least in multiplayer games),
    - sheep are extremely noisy and
    - sometime random blue squares are appearing on islands for a couple of seconds.

    Some minor stuff where changes would be great:
    - the natives at the multiplayer endless game does not sell anything and
    - there are no settings for the endless multiplayer game. It is nearly the same every time.

    The great team behind the Anno 1503 History Edition fixed the source code - something the community could not fix in nearly 20 years. And there was a big modding community behind Anno 1503. Fixing the source code was probably a lot of work the community relay appreciate. Do not give up on the last meters. With some modding tools or a map editor the community could probably fix many of these issues by themselves.

    Many thanks.
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    And I forgot to mention that selecting especially small buildings is a big problem. It is far more difficult than in the original version.
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