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    Anno 1404 changes

    Hi, I'm very interested in buying the new version of anno 1404, but I haven't decided just yet.
    The running out of memory being gone would be great, but I was wondering if there are any other changes to the game as well.
    Such as missing texts for quests, fixing achievements and just in general bug and glitch fixes.
    If you could enlighten me on this, that would be great.
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    I don't think there's anything else changed apart from support with newer systems
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    Imagine people wanting to pay $15 for a 10+ year late half bugfix
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    Better fix bug than no bug, people hopeful bug fix even willing to paid for it when it's been so long no support for many years.
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    Yeah it would have been nice to implement some of the fixes that were included in the Unnoficial Patch. I mean it shouldn't have been such a difficult task as as the author of the mod included extensive documentation regarding the actual changes and the source files as well.

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    I bought the game yesterday from GGG for £10.

    Impressions so far are mixed... it has an overhauled user interface so text looks larger and crisper at 2560x1440 than the original but this version has reverted to using DirectX 9 instead of DirectX 10 of the original. That means the graphics, which in terms of asset quality are otherwise untouched and identical to the original, are inferior because DX9 does not support one of the transparency options in the Graphics settings. In fact, when you go to the option, which is greyed out (and shows as Transparenc with the y on the next line so that's a bug already!), it states that you need to enable DX10 and anti-aliasing (AA is at least working and set to 8xQ).

    So, yes, this version uses a positively ancient DirectX API rather than being enhanced to use DirectX 11 (which also supports DX10 via a compatibility layer). Quite why they've done this is a mystery. They have at least made it 64-bit but using such an ancient API means this "enhanced" version will date much quicker than if it had been DX10 or even DX11.

    I've tried looking for the config location but I am unable to find it with this version although it may be using the original files since old saves and profiles work with the newer version. However, the Engine.ini file for the original shows DirectX = 0 (which is the default DX10) and you could change that to DirectX = 9 to force DX9. That is useless here since the game already uses DX9.

    Honestly, this game is a disappointment. The enhancements could easily have been added as free update for people owning the original as there is no remastering done at all and the only changes that have been made are to support 64-bit and higher resolutions (with better scaling of the U.I.). Otherwise, this is exactly the same game. Other publishers offer free upgrades to actual enhanced games on Steam so this really is nothing more than a cash grab by UbiSoft in my humble opinion. Although unconfirmed, I suspect that all the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes will still be there from the original.

    I would say stick with the original. At least you can use the unofficial v1.10 patch to fix the poor translation in the original and this version also supports DX10 so you have better graphics with transparency support. The History Editions may be better for the older games such as 1602 and 1503 but 1440 still runs perfectly fine even on modern PCs running Windows 10 v2004. The UI is a little small for 2560x1440 but it is not unusable and if you are playing at 1920x1080 then you will be fine.
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    Yeah, I would say that every game of the History Collection is quite an improvement but Anno 1404 wich possibly was the easiest game to fix and enhance of the bunch has somehow been made worse
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