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    Uplay PC Client – July 1st Update

    Changes in this release
    • Improved the reliability of cloud saves.
    • Added an option to disable the warning message that appears when launching a game if you have disabled the in-game overlay.
    • Made the color of error messages consistent with other elements of Uplay.
    • Disabled the join game button when you do not have that game installed. A tool tip has been added to explain this.
    • The Uplay+ tab is now the default landing page when opening the client for active subscribers.

    Bug fixes
    • Fixes a rare issue that would sometime cause information to be missing from the user minicard.
    • Fixed an issue where Club Challenges would not disappear after they have expired.
    • Fixed a issue an issue in the game activation window that would cause you to be directed to an area that does not exist.
    • Fixed text issues related to invisible mode in some languages.

    As always, if you encounter any issues or have any feedback, please let us know!

    /Uplay PC Team
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    My Uplay chat still not working, it's been 3 months.
    And it's not about my IP or internet settings. If i change accounts it's working.
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    Does this update fix the problem of the R6 game launch that appeared yesterday after the last update of R6 ?

    Thank you in advance.
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