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    Thought I Should Share This Bandit Issue I Have.

    Recently I've been looking through the cosmetics available in the new battle pass, I thought many looked quite good, and I've been checking what I unlock at each tier, and dear god, I've stumbled into the biggest conspiracy since sliced bread my friends... Bandit, Legendary Counter-Terrorist Operative, and member of the Lost-Acog Motorcycle Club (and GSG9/Team Rainbow I guess but who cares about that?) Has Suffered a Terrible fate at Tier 5 of the battle pass.

    He's got a god-awful trim.

    This man, who has given his knowledge, his cunning and his Acog, to Team Rainbow and the GSG9, has been DEFILED By an evil sorcerer known as "The Barber." My friends, I ask you this... We strived to complete Operation: Bosg Acog. But a new movement must take it's place.

    I Present to you all, Player and Dev...

    Operation: Fire Bandit's Barber

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    I have a problem with bandit as well, they removed his acog
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