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    Thank you ubisoft

    I am 76 years young and have been fortunate enough to not have to spend any of my time earning a living since I was 53. I purchased Anno 1800 on March 31, 2020 and have 609 recorded hours playing the game. That's 200 hours per month. To most people that would seem a bit obsessive. To me what's more impressive, as well as obsessive, is that my desire to play this game has changed very little since I first began playing it. There is still a lot to learn about how to play and I am still enjoying learning how to do that.

    At this point, I now consider this the best computer game I have ever played. And I would bet there are few people who have spent more time playing computer games than I have. (I have over 5600 hours playing Civ5 according to my Steam account.)

    I have always enjoyed playing games, mostly card games until computer games arrived. The first computer game I remember playing on my PC at home, rather than on my computer at work, was Railroad Tycoon (1991) and I remember Blizzard's Diablo (1997). There are few, if any, popular games that have come on the market since then that I have not played; I can no longer remember all the names.

    Given the impact of Covid19 the timing of my discovering this game could not have been better.

    "THANK YOU" to all those working at Ubisoft for making this possible!
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    Well said young man.

    I'm 60 years old. Not lucky enough to be able to retire, but this has been a great diversion during in lockdown, and it is an outstanding game.

    I too have 1000s of hours in Civ5. Just for information though, Unreal Tournament is the greatest game of all time for me.
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    totally agree!
    railroad tycoon was one of my favorite games back then, along with sim city/tower/hospital and the lesser known game 'constructor'. always been a fan of the Anno series. i started playing Civ5 last year but, i find it really boring these days...loved it back then.
    i got my game around the same time as you and have nearly 600 hours on this game i'm in at the moment, but over 1000 hours in total spent on Anno...although that count isn't really accurate because i leave the game running through the night, or at least until the game crashes.

    hope to see more of you here
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