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    Fix for Anno 1800 crash after start with black screen and cursor


    My friend asked me if I can repair his Anno 1800 after a month of not being able to play the game due to crashes with black screen and cursor spinning after game starts. He already tried all possible solutions from Uplay support, including sending dxdiag reports, uninstalling the game and Uplay client, installing to another drive and another Windows user account. Nothing helped and obviously the problem was not his PC, but the game itself.

    He spent 450+ hours with the game. The save folder was over 12 GB, so I figured it could be a problem with corrupted files being synced every time he starts the game. So the logical step was to stop sync game files, when the game starts. Now, if you stop Uplay sync for games, this doesn't help. Anno 1800 has it's own sync process independent of Uplay sync being enabled or disabled. And sync it occurs right after start of the game. This process is syncing data from Anno 1800 account folder with the cloud. So I disabled the games sync attempt, as it was causing possibly corrupted files to by synced on every game start.

    a) first make sure, that you tried the obvious steps from Ubisoft support, like checking the game's files integrity etc.
    b) follow the instructions from attached screenshot or from steps below:

    1) locate Anno 1800 account folder with saved games, see screenshot
    2) If you see tmp.cloud file, then file is probably corrupted. If you do not see this file, this fix is not for you.
    3) make a backup of tmp.cloud file to another folder/drive or copy the file with different filename, like tmp.cloud.bak
    4) open the original file tmp.cloud in text editor like notepad++, notepad. Do not use word processor, just plain text editor.
    5) empty the file (select all content and delete) and save it. Make sure the file is 0 byte size.
    6) important: MAKE THE FILE READ ONLY. This will prevent it to by overwritten by game sync process. If you don't know how to make a file read only, ask Google or see https://fileinfo.com/tutorials/chang...ons_windows_10
    7) run the game. It should load without crash.

    If it helps you, please send a response
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    Hello VladiCzech,

    Thanks for sharing your solution in detail here! I'm sure someone else can definitely find it useful.
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