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    sound bugged

    Is it a bug or normal that when you question someone for information the person says nothing else than "that's all the info I have" ?

    Also what happens to the guy, I survives the hit to the head yes ?
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    Do you remember what mission this happened to you in and which was the NPC?
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    It happens all the time.

    I thought it was normal :/

    Only when you get missions from people it works normal, but when you get info from enemy it happens like this.
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    I think that's normal. Kind of simplified script. Anytime we interrogate Sentinels for Intel (doing Fraction's missions) or ask people about details (people who share info about the world) or ask people/interrogate Sentinels about "Orange side missions" they reply only with generic sentence which would finish the whole conversation if there was full one. After 200h+ of playing and most of any available missions done I've found out that only very few times there was something of longer dialogue when interrogating someone or asking for details - like really very few.
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    oh, that's cheap,...
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