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    Does Ubisoft own the rights of other past Tom Clancy characters?

    Do they have full ownership of other past Tom Clancy characters particularly Raven Shield's?

    John Clark · Kevin Sweeney

    Domingo Chavez · Santiago Arnavisca · Daniel Bogart · Andrew Burke · Genedy Filatov · Karl Haider · Timothy Hanley · Louis Loiselle · Jamal Murad · Alejandro Noronha · Arkadi Novikov · Eddie Price · Kazimiera Rakuzanka · Renee Raymond · Jorg Walther

    Lars Beckenbauer · Roger McAllen · Gerald Morris

    Alain DuBarry · Annika Lofquist

    Antonio Maldini · Pak Suo-Won · Tracy Woo · Ayana Yacoby

    Kure Galanos · Homer Johnston · Emilio Narino · Einar Petersen · Dieter Weber

    If so, why doesn't Ubisoft implement some of these veteran operators into the game?
    Would you love to see some of them in game?
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    Seeing how they are going for people that don't look like operators to sell hero action toys, they would probably end up doing a disservice to those characters.
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    I suppose that is a jab towards Ace? :P

    Though, the new operators, (leaks) especially the attacker, seems like a step towards the right direction.
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    You don't remember the chapter of the Rainbow Six novel where John Clark brings a blue haired anime Waifu onto the team?
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