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    Anno History Edition Problems

    Dear Ubisoft,

    there are some important criticisms about the games included in the Anno History Collection.

    1.: Unability to change languages in Steam Version: When you try to install Anno 1404 HE and have bought it from Steam, no matter which Launcher you start the process from, instead of opening the install prompt in UPlay that allows you to change languages you get the Steam one, which -- yes -- allows you to set a different language, but this has no effect. In practice, this means that there is no way of changing the game language in the Steam version, not even though the config files. Of course this might be Steams fault, but it seems that you should know about it as it reflects poorly on your prodoct and might even be up to you to fix for all I know. Luckily I managed to get a refund and buy it again on UPlay.

    2.: Changed icons: The following are is more personal gripes, but changing the icons -- while being not a big deal, of course,-- messes with the sense of nostalgia.

    4.: Changed loading screen in Anno 1503: I understand the desire to change things up to give the illusion of palpable improvements to the game (, not just those under the hood). But again, a changed loading screen is not condusive to a feeling ot nostalgia, which is what youre banking off of when youre selling an updated version of a game at a (depending on the game) higher price than the original, despite the significantly smaller development cost compared to the full game.

    I'm interested to see whether you'll listen. I would direct these suggestions at the german development team, but since theres no review system on UPlay, AnnoUnion won't let me log in, I have no choice but to post it here.

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    "...not even th[r]ough the config files."
    "The following are [...] more personal gripes..."
    "...but since theres no review system on UPlay[...][and] AnnoUnion won't let me log in..."
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