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    FYI - RwEngineSetVideoMode

    Bought Settlers 5 as part of History Edition.
    In Windows 10, using UPlay launcher (or executing \theSettlers5\bin\SettlersHoK.exe directly) would launch black window titled "The Settlers 5 - Heritage of Kings" and then pop up a Windows dialog with an error: RwEngineSetVideoMode

    Thought it was a display resolution issue. Spent a while getting my widescreen display to switch from 16:9 resolutions to 4:3. 800x600 didn't make a difference, error still occurred. Once I got 1024x768 working, game launched fine.

    Weirdly, I since set my resolution back to 16:9 (1280x720) and the game still works for now.

    So now I never see the black window and the game launches straight into opening animation/logo.
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    Hey LastManClan!

    I'm glad to hear you've been able to resolve your issue as random as it was!

    Thanks for posting it here for us to see and for other players who may experience similar.

    I'd also recommend this guide for any other players to try some troubleshooting if adjusting the resolution doesn't resolve it.
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