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    There is no DLC in the game.

    I bought the gold edition on Steam with all the DLC and Season Pass, but there is no "Escape from Durgesh" or "Yeti Valley" mode in the game menu. What to do?
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    click on your name in UPLAY and select account information

    next select my games

    click on far cry 4 and make sure all your keys have been entered into UPLAY under activate product and verify your game files

    you access both escape from durgesh and the valley of the yeti from the right side on the main game screen window ..yes by where multiplayer is located under CHRONICLES .. NOT CAMPAIGN

    see this support page here

    if you bought the game on STEAM open your steam library select far cry 4, right click on it select Properties / select DLC tab

    under DLC make sure all DLC has a check mark next to it and shows as INSTALLED ..you may need to Download it after activating your keys

    if you still have a problem contact UBISOFT SUPPORT DIRECTLY
    Please see the Ubisoft Support Troubleshooting page here

    If you still have an issue, Please Contact Ubisoft Support Directly.
    you can do so from that above LINKED page .. or here...to open a support ticket / case

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