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    I am looking for suggestions on how best to maximize happiness on my islands (I play sandbox). I recently learned that happiness is a factor in determining the value of items that drop. My first few games I built museums and zoos and ran expeditions to fill them but never noticed any advantages to the increased happiness, until I learned from one of Adieu's posts about how to obtain the rare and legendary items and learned that happier islands have a greater likelihood to drop better items.

    Other than going back to running expeditions and filling up museums and zoos, does anyone have suggestions on how to increase happiness? One thing I thought of was moving all those things that decrease happiness - like factory pollution and pig farms - to separate islands and avoid them on islands where I want to increase happiness.

    Thank you for your suggestions!
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    Hello there qaijaxyz! There are multiple ways of increasing the island happiness.

    1 Have no factory pollution or use items in trade union to lower the polution happiness penalty

    2 Lower the working conditions to make the workers more happy because of less working

    3 Use items in the Town hall that increases total happiness of the houses inside the range of that Town hall. Ingame is item assets screen where you can find all items that increase happiness. Press CTRL+Q and then go to the items tab, there you see all ingame items. When you search for ''happiness'' is should show you all items that effect it and where you can get those items.

    4 Make sure the citizens have acces to all luxury goods

    5 When there is no war the citizens feel safe and therefore gain +5 happiness, this is ofcourse lost when your island is under siege

    6 News articles can also give happiness boosts. But when using to much propaganda might end up with lower happiness and increased change of riots

    7 Certain festivals give happiness boosts while active, this ranges from +10 to +25 happines and the boost is active as long there is a festival.

    There might be more, I dont know. This is just what I had in mind Hope it is helpfull!
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    I got a mention.

    Nice Reply Earl_Faeleon, I can't think of anything to add.

    PS. Where in Holland? I used to go to Assen for MotoGP and World Superbikes every year for nearly 20 years. Some amazing times.
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