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    Missing Silo & Crane + DLC Codes


    Can anyone help before I give up on Anno1800? I'm missing, or at least I can't find, either the Silo or the repair crane tabs to build these items, I have over 200 artisans so I thought I would have access to these items by now, the silo quest has been up for ages.

    Are they part of DLCs only? I bought the Complete Anno 1800 package and my games library says I own them all, but when I click on them in options at the start of the game it asks for an authentication code. Perhaps they installed automatically when I installed the game but then why am I missing the silo and repair crane? Am I not far enough through the campaign?


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    If you have Bright Harvest DLC installed, then when you build a farm, there's a little tab there to build a silo alongside it. The Silo only comes with Bright Harvest.

    The Repair Crane is in the Artisan 'Anchor' Menu, so click on the green Anchor, and the middle button is for the Repair Crane.
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    Thanks Adieu2, I'll investigate those exact points further and hopefully find what I'm looking for.

    Thanks again

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