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    60 fps cap? Really?

    AC1, AC Brotherhood and AC Revelations didn't have any fps cap but a "remaster" from 2019 does have it.
    Is there any way to get more than 60 fps?
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    The 60 FPS cap in Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered are there for a reason.

    In the original, it was uncapped. But the problem was that when you had a certain amount of FPS over 60 the game physics would break and could actually prevent you from progressing.

    I have an example. During one of the earlier missions as Haytham you are supposed to infiltrate a fort during winter and eavesdrop on a conversation between a soldier and a young George Washington. With too high FPS you couldn't infiltrate because the horse wagon you were supposed to hide in would not render in due to the physics breaking with too high FPS. The solution in the original was to set up a frame rate cap.

    This of course didn't happen to everyone, it depended on how powerful your configuration was and how much FPS each player was experiencing. But the more powerful hardware and higher the FPS, the bigger the odds was at getting this physics bugs.

    Ubisoft likely didn't patch that out and was too lazy to do anything else rather cap the frame rate at 60 for everyone we wouldn't experience the bug.

    AC Brotherhood and Revelations aren't actually innocent either, because they also have 1 instance each where your progress would be hindered due to high FPS.

    In Brotherhood, having too high FPS or too many cores activated on your CPU could prevent you from activating the final battle with Cesare Borgia when you got close to him.
    And in Revelations you could be so unlucky and experience crashes when fighting Shakulu in Cappadocia because of either too high FPS or too many cores being on with a powerful CPU.

    And wasn't only a problem with Assassin's Creed, but older Prince of Persia games would also have similar issues.

    TLDR: It sucks to have that FPS cap, but it's there to prevent you from experiencing a game progression breaking bug that they were too lazy to fix on a engine level.
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