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    Sequel to Prince of Persia 2008

    I liked this game, and I think it could have been better yes but still a good game. I want a sequel that has the prince defeat Airiman, using the armor and sword of Ormaz but to get them he has to go through the trials of Ormaz. Each one getting more and more difficult. Also have the stylized fighting of the other prince of persia games. the main reason I want a sequel is that the game left off on a cliffhanger.
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    There is no hope just leave it ubisoft is not listening . Btw armor ,sword idea is good ^^

    we all fans shared ideas long time back :
    My idea is make prince god's reincarnation or some descendant ,there should be some story like prince going to past to meet his ancestor the real prince to collect some artifacts to destroy ahriman ]

    In 2018 you will see fans saying " Its been 10years and there is no sequel [similar to beyond good & evil ]" mark my words .
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    AHHAHAHAH, well, i honestly think that us PoP fans should all believe in passing the torch, in the end, milking a series will just end badly, i think people should always be making new stories in order to overcome the games they loved, same thing would go for prince of persia, i would love to see someone who's favorite game is prince of persia make a new game that has the same spirit as prince of persia, but ultimately, is a different better game in itself, and honestly, all games are following a formula these days, this open world, the last of us style of game, and honestly, i am sure ubisoft would just turn whatever new prince of persia game they make into another AC adaptation in gameplay terms, which is what they have done with most games, and dont get me wrong, i love some AC (not as much as i love PoP seeing that it is my favourite series), but the moment they starting milking the series, and the only people who actually made the game good, Corey May (the writer we all love of PoP WW and PoP T2T) and Patrice Desilets (the excelent game designer who worked in PoP SOT that we all love as well), were lost, it all turned to ****, and i dont want prince of persia falling in the same category as that, PoP the forgotten sands was already the disgrace it was, please, no more, if it is to be just a disgrace of a game, i rather have no new prince of persia, and let it die as the legend it was, BUT, i might not believe in having a new PoP but WHAT I DO NOT ACCEPT, is how little recognition such a legend has, i mean, it was one of the best games ubisoft put out, and i find it extremely disrespectful of them to have no consideration for fans still standing up for it, we had a relationship with them, and they cut it off and never called us again, and we are just standing here trying to figure out if there is hope or not, and in this siuation the best for US is to move on, BUT the best for ubisoft, is to man up and give us the news, no matter how harsh they may be, at least then we can have a onclusion once and for all, as a diehard fan of prince of persia, i will stand on this side until the end, and i ever become famous either by my band or anything else i do, i will make sure to use my recognition to spread the faith of PoP HAHHHAHAHHA, so rejoice, for at the very least us true PoP fans can remain an ellite of sorts, not sure how many of you have met a random PoP fan as big as yourself out there in the real word (not by internet), and honestly i have yet to meet one myself (met some people who played maybe some games, but no big fan who i can passionately talk to), But i am as big of a tomb raider fan as i am a PoP fan, and TR although having a way bigger fan community than PoP, still has only a very select few who have actually played ALL of the games and are true fans, and when i met one for the first time in real physical contact out of coincidence, it was one of the BEST THINGS EVER, just imagine that with PoP, it would be even more amazing, so at least we can have some pride in how rare we are ahahhaha, but anyways, whatever the future of PoP is, i guess time only knows.


    I love beyond good and evil, and i feel the same way about it as i feel about PoP, they are kind of in the same Page (badum tsu).

    PS2(badum tsu):

    I might have extremely disliked the forgotten sands as a diehard fan of the original ps2 trilogy, but i did not mention how i feel about Prince of Persia 2008, i should say i LOVE the game, i really do, PoP 2008 was an amazing game in my point of view, not done in a mainstream way, but still beautiful in its own way, the plot was great, gameplay as well, and i just really liked it in general, had they no budget limits, the game could have been EVEN better, it gave the feeling of playing shadow of the colossus but in a more magical world, BUT what feeling it did not give me, was of a prince of persia game, my view on the game is simple, it was an amazing game, that is along my favourites, but i dont see it as a PoP game, but as a unique thing in itself, thankfully since it was such a good game, i have no shame in it using the PoP name, it only gives better image to the name, now PoP the forgotten sands, i dont even wanna talk about that man, if i did not like PoP like i do and played The forgotten sands, i probably wouldnt play PoP again.


    There is a hidden badum tsu in the main text i wrote that only PoP fans will get...... preety easy, but still a nice easter egg ahahhaha
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    Forgotten sands was way better then this comic style fairy tale and much closer to the trilogy or the 2d games
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    Originally Posted by HyperMoeMan Go to original post
    I liked this game, and I think it could have been better yes but still a good game. I want a sequel that has the prince defeat Airiman, using the armor and sword of Ormaz but to get them he has to go through the trials of Ormaz. Each one getting more and more difficult. Also have the stylized fighting of the other prince of persia games. the main reason I want a sequel is that the game left off on a cliffhanger.
    No Sorry, POP 2008 was a disgrace to the franchise. You couldn't even say it's a POP game if I made you play it without showing you the menu screen or the Game Title!!

    2008, as a game, sucked in itself. The graphics might be beautiful but I don't buy games to make wallpapers. The story was bit disney like, cliche and unoriginal. God of Darkness escapes, you heal all lands trap him back for the price of the princess but you save her because you say "I didn't know I released him".

    The music was beautiful, but not catchy, they hardly play it in the game.
    The cel-shaded cartoonish graphics sucked tbh, didn't fit a AA Game.
    The platforming was good but was very boring and repetitive.
    The story was made by and for a 5 year old kid.
    The game felt more like computer controlled than the player controlled.
    My rating: 6/10, Would never play again.
    Atleast the combat was better than FS's.
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    I really would to see a sequel of 2008. What's the problem with the fairy tale style? This chapter is more near to the sands of time atmosphere than the others. I agree about the story: it needs to be more interesting and deep. And i'd like the same spectacular combat style but with stronger enemies (and more than one a time). But no, for whoever i talk only WW exsist with its metal music themes and infinite combos. It's right but the 2008 game was a good base
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    It was the best PoP and i played and loved the sands of time trilogy. But this is my favorite game of all time. Btw. it‘s your opinion, not of everyone.
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    A little dismissive eh?

    There's no need to pick sides, everyone's permitted to appreciate BOTH pop universes. I grew up playing the sands of time hack n slash titles, however the sticks n bubbles style of '08 really captivated me. For some, it's about how these games were an escape from reality and the impact they left on us at various stages of life. Don't be so black n white about this; it's OKAY if you weren't able to identify with certain gameplay / stylistic aspects, but you shouldn't condemn those of us who took the time to invest ourselves in a journey that we still remember a decade later and counting... I think the industry would be pleasantly surprised by the turnout if they were to continue the story of Elika.
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    prince of persia 2008 was the best pop ever made!
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    This game was rly good. Just had problems with open world. It was released to early. They did everything in AC2 better! POP 08 was huge and fun, but in a sameway empty and dead. The Story was original persian story by Avesta ( Zoroastrians). It was actually the Main fight betweend Angra mainyu. Graphics were nice, but actually i was not a fan with teh fighting system. Just clicking in teh right timing....
    But in the end it was a great game, with a great Ending! Not to mention the music. Every PoP Game had fantastic music.

    My Favourite of all PoP games is PoP 3D . Variuos levels, enemies, weapons, atmohpheres..This was great. If they would make a reamke of this. Camera was not the best, but it was no problem to beat rugnor at the end. This Game was fakking difficult ! PLAY THE GAME!!!! Dont be afraid of the graphics ...its 20 years old. And dont be afraiud of teh camera. its 20 years old ! JUST PLAY IT AND ENJOY IT! JUST DO IT!!!!

    Captain Caps Lock over.
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