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    Anno 1404 transparency settings don't work since you downgraded the graphics Ubisoft

    Why in the world did you change ANNO 1404 from using DX10 to DX9? Now the graphics are actually worse than the version on GoG and since I owned that and got this for better graphics... I feel a bit cheated.

    Would someone from UBISoft comment on this situation?
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    We're currently looking into the DirectX topic.
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    In my opinion, Anno 1404 History Edition could and should have been a much better game for the £12.59 that you are charging for it. It deserved it as it is a classic, much loved by the fans. I bought the original for £3.99 only a few years ago. Had it used DX10 (which is a subset of DX11 and would have guaranteed the game a few more years future-proofing than the ancient DX9) and if all the poor spelling and grammar had been fixed then this could have justified the cost. It seems to be that minimal effort has been put into this "re-release".

    As it stands, the History Edition offers 64-bit support and that's pretty much it as the original supported high resolutions anyway, albeit the menus were smaller and slightly harder to read. Hardly worth splashing out £12 on just for those. What is currently on offer could easily have been offered as a free upgrade to existing owners of the original game. Heck, other publishers offer remasters for nought pence to existing owners of the originals but these games do not offer even enough to warrant calling them remasters!

    What is baffling is why the Transparency setting was left in the History Edition. If you're going for a quick lazy cash grab then you would have thought someone would have thought to remove the one setting that cannot work in this version! But, no, they left it in and made the DX API downgrade all the more obvious.

    In the voice of Jim Sterling... "Ohhhh UbiSoft!".

    Bet the developers just remove the Transparency option...
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    Oh and the final point to note, which is much more concerning than the non-functional Transparency setting, is the fact that the DX9 only History Edition runs noticeably WORSE than the original under DX10. For comparsion, on my PC (i7-4770K, 16 GB, GTX 1080 Ti, Windows 10 Pro v2004) using the same 2560x1440 maxed out settings (minus Transparency in the HE version since it does not work) and save game, I get around 150 fps in the original between 5 and 10 seconds after resuming the save and leaving the game idle. On the History Edition, this drops down to around 105 fps, which is a pretty big performance hit and once that could potentially affect people with lower end systems that were able to run the original fine.
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