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    Limited space

    GOH (guard of honor) is an english speaking clan lead by wildjamster and konstapel kask, have now broken into the top 50 (Rank 40) in XP we have various types of players of all skill ranges with a can do attitude moving forward. We currently have 4 raidleaders and looking to improve as a clan always

    we currently run legendary missions daily, Raid 3 official raid days a week key runs teaching runs alt runs each lasting 2.5 hours depending on the sign ups
    also use a discord to coordinate activities and upcoming events

    were looking to find some advanced players with a can do attitude,that can work on problem solving,that have banter,a build for most roles for synergy when needed.
    *ragequitters need not apply*
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    Join clan?

    I am a pve solo heroic difficulty player I am currently in a full clan but no one ever on playing to get raids or legendary missions done I have varied builds to adjust in a group. I am looking for new group to get most out of the game, my gamer tag is kevman86 send clan invite if possible.
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    This describes what I'm looking for to a tee! I'm phire42 and would LOVE an invite please. Thank you.
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    I figured i give a active raiding clan a try ,
    I have 5 heroic builds ,
    1. healer future initiative with safeguard backpack and kinetic momentum chest piece.
    2. Drone/Turret build, Turret 118k dmg Drone 74k dmg
    3. Sniper Nemesis perfect headhunter build.
    4. Bullwark tank.
    5. Eclipse protocol build with vile mask.

    All of them do well in heroic groups.
    Also there almost fully god build.

    Number 2 and number 3 are my favorite solo heroic builds , can solo everything on heroic with 4 directives on.

    The things im missing to upgrade are the exclusive raid drops but im always hunting (grinding) for better backpacks!
    I find backpacks are the hardest ones to get god roll on them that fits ones exact preferences.

    Im looking for a clan that isn’t toxic filled with so called elites who thinks that there TD2 god send streamers.

    Gamertag is Venqz on Xbox.
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    just a heads up we currently have 2 spaces in the GOH and many in the sister clan BRO bros and arms which is a open clan
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    Still looking?
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    yes were still with space
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    Had a clearout of inactive players we have 6 spaces available currently ranked 28th in xp, hoping to get the clan full before fridays clan event.
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    What time zone?
    I'm in central, gt is whiskytex.
    Plus, I have a commitment Friday night, so whatever the clan event is, I wouldn't be able to participate unfortunately.
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    Looking for a new clan

    My current clan is ranked 133. This was a raid/conflict clan, but after the mass 10 or 14 day ban for people who used a damage glitch most stopped playing. We also have a current problem with a member who is causing a lot of our long time members to leave. Just looking for clan to raid with daily again.
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