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    Remove the ******g tracking
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    what tracking ? be specific
    if you mean undodgables then no its good for the game and it can be countered easily too

    what hero did you use against it ?
    do you know that deflecting an undodgable is one of the easiest deflect to pull of ?
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    Okay please someone help me make sense of this mechanism. I've been playing fh for a while since the ps plus release and been through it all with the game and probably a lil guilty of some of the rage as myself as well and right now trying to reach rep 70 with a sholin just for fun 😆 rn @56 and despite running into the usual try hards cause of my rep it's going pretty well however I'm having trouble and or not quite understanding the whole term and the use of the undodgeable attacks/moveset, I get perry and deflection however I don't understand how let's say a kensi can sidestep out of my sholins side undodgable and get a confirmed heavy when I initiated the move first and therfore should be confirmed? Or same against an orochi? Or just any move really! I find myself getting zoned, heavied, lighted, and even gaurd broken out of my undodgable attacks as sholin. I get I can always feint my undodgable into w/e else I can come up with to get the advantage but doesn't that defeat the purpose of the move being undodgable if I have to feint it cause my opponent is able to side step or side doge out of it? Which leaves it pretty much useless in a match 😕.
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    tracking is an issue. with heavy attacks i struggle with
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