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    Share Selling/buying

    Finding the button to buy and sell shares of the opposition easy. Where is the button to buy/sell your own?

    I have a need for a short-term loan from the Crown and it seems to not be anywhere obvious to me.
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    It's in the same place. Hover above one of your islands. In the window where you see the name of your island, to the right there is a circle with the shares in it. Click on that.

    Screeshot: https://twifight.stackstorage.com/s/vWfjkpJdT6OiWJT

    What is the highest resident tier that you have there? I think I read somewhere that you need to have artisans to trade shares.
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    Thank you. I found it.
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    Originally Posted by A_Challenge Go to original post
    Thank you. I found it.
    Maar hoe verkoop je aandelen ?
    Het overzicht openen heeft de koptekst verwerven of verkopen,
    Maar selecteren en je kan alleen verwerven
    Ik heb 6 aandelen en Wi ze kwijt
    Ze kosten teveel en ik wil het verlies nemen
    Dan voor een reactie
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    Actually, with the darker player colours, it can be very difficult to see the button if you don't know where to look. I had quite a lot of trouble the first few times before I learned where it was.
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