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    Replay Editor

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    How having the cam 3 (first person) iand include it in your map in the map editor?
    Look here: https://imgur.com/a/mzD90Zr
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    Replay Issues

    Hey i wanted to ask here, before i open a new Thread..Sometimes (most times in Track of the Day) the replay i saved after a run is just a big file with 18 minutes or something. And the camera is just fixed on one point of the map, i also have like 60 possible players to watch including my ghost. But i cant watch it, because the camera is ****** up 18 minutes on one point. Can i somehow fix this replay? Or somehow just export my ghost? Or do i have to race against him and record a new one where my ghost is in sight?

    Thx for your help.

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    Hello AquaSpritzig,

    To watch the replay from you POV, you can add a Race Camera in the replay editor. Then select your POV (or someone else POV) and you favorite camera and enjoy your replay. Your best time also should be saved into the Autosaves folder.