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    Let me guess - your thread left the first page, so you decided to bring it up again. Otherwise, why you decided to answer now? I saw your other posts in different threads, but not here. Pathetic!

    You are an experienced player - and you are complaining about game difficulty, crafting, loot, etc.? How many builds do you have being 1900 SHD level?

    Just like the attention, don't you?

    And that is so funny, how every whiner here is talking about their opinion, but as soon as somebody shares an opposite one - you start to accuse of being a troll or that my opinion is the only one right. Look at yourself!

    As I said before - makes me want to puke.

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    ok you confirmed my initial thoughts about you, im not interested in any more discussions with you. Take care
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    Same My initial impression about you was correct. Good luck!
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    Why does this game suck sooo bad, oh, I know, cause you can't even get good loot drops on Heroic level missions! And we have to wait till the end of the month for you to fix this! Absolute trash. When there is a damage glitch you fix that overnight, but trash loot that you guys screwed up, we have to wait a month!!! GARBAGE GAME.
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    "3.- Crafting: It plain useless, you cant get anything good from crafting, you can eliminate the bench and the game is still the same. What´s the point on looting resourses if you cant get nothing good from them? "

    The point is: Improvement.

    And not: "you can craft anything you want". Because then you dont need the rest of the game.

    ITs pretty good balanced as the Triplme-Max items only drop heroic..and not every day.

    Lots of ppl complain because they find purple items in heroic mode. Guys, of course you can find purple items in heroic mode! If you find triple max rolled items at the entrance of an instance...why would you play the game...?

    Take your time. Its longterm gamecontent. Not a rush job!
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    "4.- scaling: If you play with more people, the npc armor and damage goes insane, maybe its better to have more npc than buffing them up."

    omg of course not! What would be the challenge?

    it smuch harder to programm and balance npc difficulties...than just spawn more. how boring would that be??

    no dude no way for this, except you want to kill the game.

    - get skill, everything is doable, take your time. Yesterday i did Tidal Basin heroic with duo. We made it from die within first seconds until end fight. IT took us 4 hours, but the point is: Its doable if you work hard enough for it!

    Improve YOUR skill, and see it as long-time game content. This way nothing gets boring, and thats VERY important!
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    "- Minimal loot tiers: the minimal rlols on heroic and harder content should not be below 65% in every atribute. it doesnt matter if they are rainbows. No excuses there, stop stomping on the people still playing."

    NO WAY! You dont need to find triple-maxed items in any entrance of some instance. Take your time. This is not a rush-job!

    "- The crafting bench should be on par with your level, if not, its useless. Charge more credits and materials, but make the bench usable. charge so much that you have to grind a lot to craft something, but something gooooood, that way its not the "slot machine" thing the devs said"

    NO WAY: You shouldnt craft anything you want. Crafting is just an improvement.

    "- if its too hard to nerf the armor of the npcs, tweak their damage output, their time to kill, cant be less than ours (if we have good builds), because they have 10x mor armor than us. And if we are shoting them in the head, they cant be shooting back at us, as if nothing is happening"

    NO WAY - A game where you can solo an heroic mode is useless! Take your time, its a challenge - not a rush job!

    "- Make the amount of armor accountable, if i have almost the max armor possible, the npcs should have a hard time to kill us, not 2 seconds shooting."

    NO WAY: The game should be a challenge - not a rush.job!

    "- if you have a good amount of damage, good critical hit chance and damage, but not in the full dps range, you should not need to empty 6 clips in the same npc to kill him."

    NO WAY: The game should be a challenge - not a rush.job!

    "- Separate the behavior of the npcs, now every npc act as a rusher."

    as said: The game should be a challenge - not a rush.job!

    ALL of your points are just comfortable-couch potatoe gameplay. Not really usable.

    There of course has to be long time content and first of all: A challenge!
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    Originally Posted by TheGeckoHimself Go to original post
    Oh my God! Another pathetic thread with a lot of whiners! Seriously, makes me want to puke.

    1. Game difficulty - if you have any issues with difficulty - your build SUCKS! It's not the game, not the bullet sponges, not the rushers! It's YOU!

    Heroic too difficult?Play on Challenging! Challenging is too easy??? You know why? Because such whiners like you were complaining that the challenging was too hard! Now you want to destroy Heroic???

    2. Loot - it's not hard at all to make a decent build! With a targeted loot - you can make any META build (no GOD rolls) pretty easily. That build will carry you through any content.

    It's hard to make a GOD ROLLED Build! Its requires a lot of grinding. But such people like you want everything on a plate with no effort! FACKING WHINERS!

    3. Crafting is not good? Its never meant to replace grinding! So with TU10 crafting is good enough! Again, you want everything on the plate, right?

    4. Armour - you have a Tank builds! FACKING USE IT! Do you know how to make proper Division 2 builds? Solo Tank build melts everything, while pretty much impossible to kill! Just make sure they are not flanking you. Is it so hard?

    5. Build Diversity? We have a ton of builds. Yes, most DPS builds are all red, but you have a sniper builds, AR builds, Rifle builds, SMG builds! All with different talents and tactics. Do you even know how to play this game?

    What about hybrid builds? Have you ever tried to build a proper one? No, To complain is so much easier than to learn, right?

    What about new CC builds? Have you tried new SOLO CC BUILD??? I'm sure you didn't. Give it a shot - the ENTIRE content becomes a JOKE! It's NOT HARD AT ALL!!!! Just have a build with a synergy! Put some thought there, if you have any of course. If you don't - find a Youtube video. Other people did it for you!

    But no, so much easier to complain! FACKING WHINERS!

    globally chage npc dmg or hp is not solve everything.
    some type of npc is need some change for example:
    rikers can shot smg like laser gun when rushing at you.
    npc airbrust granade accuacy at very long range.
    tankbuild in high difficulty still have chance to be one shot by shot gun in middle range(10-20m)because unbreakable sometime proc after u revived by friendly agent.
    bullet sponges is still happen for armored melee enemy.even if use armor build 3 outcast hammer is still a nightmare.
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    No my point with DARPA is I can actually play the game on heroic and I don't care if you're impressed or not. I actually am smart enough to work on TU 10 builds and actually my builds aren't based on sets but chosen pieces. Even kits with no exotic components and I have no desire to impress you at all.

    This game is probably the worst paid game I have for bugs and it gets shut down once a week to get patched. Happens to also coincide with my evenings.
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