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    Anno 1503 HE Road Bug


    if i want to place Roads up oder downwarts a Hill it refuses to place the Road, it only places the upper 1/3 or the lower 2/3 of the Road so it becomes impossible to set up a road up or down. I haven't played Anno 1503 for like 1-2 years but i don't remember this bug. I've tried to place a Road multiple times in different loacations but i was not able to place a proper and full Part of it. Can anyone confirm this bug?

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    I've noticed as well, but it works if you "free up" the space around and do the downward road in one fell swoop. I'm not sure if this helps you.
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    If the terrain is particularly "edgy",some downhill paths will end in a deadlock. Use a different pathway. This (sort of) bug has always existed.
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