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    Why is there no free upgrade to the history editions for owners of the original games

    Hello Ubisoft,

    this question regards mainly Anno 1404 with that terrible savespace-bug. You're selling this game for over 10 years now, despite said gamebreaking error, without any fix. Now that there finally is a fix (sort of), you expect us to pay additional 15€ to get a functional copy of a game we already own. Can't we expect to get at least one functional copy of the game we paid for?

    Not to mention that such upgrades are a common procedure nowadays. Amongst others, Bethesda did it with the Skyrim special edition and even EA, most likely the greediest producer in the industry, gave us Warcraft Reforged for free.

    I'm writing this here, since i already asked your customer support about it, but after 2 1/2 days of the usual shenanigans, all i got for an answer was that they will neither fix the old version nor will i get the History edition without any further explanation.

    Overall i just can say this is very bad customer service and i will refrain from buying any ubisoft products in the future.
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    First of all, neither did EA develop or publish WarCraft III Reforged, nor is it a free update. While I understand where you are coming from, I think getting basic facts correct always helps a good discussion.

    The important thing to note here is that the crash in Anno 1404 is not a bug, as explained rather detailed here in our DevBlog:


    "First, let us clear up a misunderstanding we have seen surface a few times since the announcement of the History Edition: the late game crashes in Anno 1404 are not the result of a “bug” in the game, but a consequence of the inherent inability of 32-bit software to address more than 4GB of RAM in your PC. In other words: once your empire reaches a certain magnitude, the game will run out of usable RAM, which will lead to a crash. It is also worth pointing out our general philosophy for Anno, as we do not put hard limits on buildings or units the way many other strategy games do.

    Instead our approach was always that you can keep building until you max out your hardware or run of out of space in the game world, and we are often deeply impressed by resourceful players finding some tricks to cram just a few hundred more citizens into their cities (you are very lucky that there are no building safety inspectors in Anno!). In the case of Anno 1404, the game unfortunately came out at a time when 32-bit software and operating systems were still the standard, and so players had to contend with the limits of their hard- and software at the time."
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