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    Originally Posted by Yeahlvape Go to original post
    people are supposed to voice their opinions. Online only game play is like beating a dead horse. There are other 1000 games with online heavy game play, highly doubt this will stand out. Hope it's not true.
    Online doesn't mean multiplayer. It supposed to be open world where all player can see and interact with each other. But you can do story either alone or in co-op with other player. You don't have to interact to other player, if you don't want to. The way SWTOR PvE servers are. It's a single player or co-op game with public lobby in form of open world. If you want to fight other player in open world you can engage them with an invitation to switch on PvP mode. You can just ignore it and keep playing lone PvE single player game. But still seeing, chatting and interacting with other players in open world outside missions.
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    Star citizen and lots of other similar games allow it. Yet this will be unique at the way the implement it:-)
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    Originally Posted by UBI-Zuzu Go to original post

    As we announced last year, we are currently concentrating on core development and production milestones, so rest assured that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is well underway.
    Been over a year and no updates from any channels. What does well underway mean? With the game being screwed over by corporate suit shrills, is it even going to be remotely like the game we were promised years ago (going on 8 years I believe)? What is happening with those of us doing contact work or in the space money program?

    I have a feeling this project is either tossed or the window when Ancel left or is going to end up like Biomutant: a severely over-promised and under-delivered shell of a game that was originally promised and showcased. I can understand changes due to scope and available technology, but with the latest consoles being out and the latest PC hardware available, I would think any performance and graphic features that were too much for a PS4 to handle should no longer be an issue let alone released on the type of state Cyberpunk 2077 was, especially on consoles.

    No public news combined with zero developer interactions with fans, space pirate members, or even remote contact workers doesn't bode well for the game and Ubisoft as a whole.
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