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    How sad is Siege that someone can't finish PLACEMENTS without getting DDoS'd twice?

    Because seriously, that is where we're at now.

    I'll be honest, I think we've got another LoL/WoW/OW here where the community is too far gone for the developer to actually do anything about it even if they tried. The bad behavior and bad attitudes in the community have become so ingrained and so a part of the culture of the game that the only way to change it would be to basically just cancel the current game and re-release a new version or sequel where it's ruled with on iron fist from Day 1.

    Having seen it before in the above mentioned games, when you start out super soft and stay soft like Ubisoft has done for.....well 5 years basically, nothing you can do at that point short of literally hiring assassins to off the malcontents in the community will be able to control the bad behavior that exists, because you let it go for so long that no amount of anti-cheat and community policing will ever be able to overcome the benefits (and profits!) to be had by continuing the bad behavior because of how deeply it has penetrated into the game.

    It doesn't matter what kind of anti-DDoS (for example) measures Ubisoft puts in place at this point, because the size of the game and the benefit of doing it ensures it will ALWAYS be worthwhile for the people who enable those kinds of attacks to work around them now.
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    We have put out numerous Dev Blogs about our plans against DDoSers. We have taken and will continue to take legal action against these DDoS suppliers. We have said both in the recent Top Issues blog and Status Report we are continuing to combat DDoSing.
    We are highly committed to protecting our game from DDoS attacks. We have a dedicated team monitoring network anomalies and DDoS attacks on our servers. However, each case differs and often requires different partners (both internal and external) to investigate and remedy. For instance, a recent rise in reports of DDoS was actually tied to lobby freezing—a different method of disrupting the game. We worked to create a refined detection and tracking method for lobby freezers and then implemented an automatic kick for identified cheaters.

    We will continue to monitor and investigate DDoS attacks on our servers. Our dedicated DDoS team is currently pursuing several avenues to mitigate new types of attacks we’ve discovered in collaboration with our external cloud provider. We will provide more regular updates on this in our Top Issues and Community Concerns blog posts, or in upcoming patch notes depending on when we have more to share.
    The team recognizes that the struggle against DDoSing and cheating is tough, yet we will continue to push back with the tools we have available to make it more difficult and taxing for people who decide to DDoS.

    If you would like to report players for DDoSing, it is important to include the information from this post in your ticket.
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    4 out of 5 games i got DDoS’ed again last days. And ofcourse i get the bans everytime and can’t even play the game anymore. Its just impossible to play. Ubi.... DDoS’ing is priority no 1!!! I dont care about new elite skins, maps and stuff as long a i cant even play the game. Its just impossible! This game is done... its sad... but true... and a waste of money on r6 credits i bought for this season. Never again...
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