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    [Patch Notes] Summer Update - June 2020

    Greetings Riders,

    On Thursday, June 25th we will release the 12th post-launch update for Trials Rising. Check out all the details of what will be included below.

    Track Central

    • Several navigation improvements including:
      • User is returned to the proper search/feed page after viewing "track details"
      • User is returned to the proper search/feed page after viewing "track details" and then viewing "Creator profile"
      • User is returned to the proper search/feed page after playing tracks from the “More from Creator” search

    • “Play against” is now available regardless if a track has been downloaded.

    Private Multiplayer

    • Changed the limit of “Favorites” displayed in private multiplayer from 30 to 120.
    • Fixed an issue where the game incorrectly adds user-created tracks when scrolling down from the last row of feeds/search results in Private Multiplayer
    • UI fix to a workaround that allowed users to add duplicate tracks causing a crash.
    • On Xbox, the Wheelie mode and Burning Bike bar are no longer doubled on screen.

    Other Fixes

    • Only owned Track Packs will display a preview UI in the world map when playing offline, addressing an issue that caused unowned Track Packs to show a price of “Free” when viewed offline.
    • BlazeJP decal background transparency has been fixed.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when using “Rider Path” in the Track Editor.
    • Fixed an issue causing connectivity issues to the Ubisoft Club on Nintendo Switch.
    • In public multiplayer, you can now see the name of the rider you are spectating.
    • The “Display” decal category in the Track Editor has been split into 3 categories to address navigation issues, Display, Display+ & Display ++
    • Improvements to profanity filters in the Track Editor to avoid most false positives

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    I'll just repost what I said on Reddit here.

    Still no pause menu leaderboards.

    Still no fix for badly optimised tracks (Nippon Springs is a great example.)

    STILL no stadium replays.

    Still no way to search for creator in Track Central.

    Like come on. I've seen more polish in free mobile games. Push out a proper patch or don't push one out at all.
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    In TC - search results for OTHG - wanted to play them all but after playing TC returns me back to default screen (not search results). Is that suppose to happen?
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    The game still stutters on console.
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    On PC I get stutters too now but not the one second freezes.
    Another thing on the leaderboards, the sorting is working better now, but after I watch a replay from a leaderboard I am returned to the track selected title screen whereas it use to return me back to the leaderboard (which I liked). Not sure which is the bug and which is the intended behavior.
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    This "fix" are not fixed: "Changed the limit of “Favorites” displayed in private multiplayer from 30 to 120.".
    30 is still the max.
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