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    If anyone is still here. DLC issues.

    Has anyone else had problems with the DLC? I've bought the season pass and the other DLC and nothing is activating when I load into the game. If anyone is still patrolling this forum, any advice and help would be great.
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    Only problem I have with the DLC is this: I want them to make MORE! Yeah, preferably one that corrects the game's biggest mistake: Choosing New Kid's sexuality, but doing nothing with it.

    Now, since their breakup is canon, what if they did a date night DLC with New Kid dating either Stan or Wendy and it gets interrupted due to jealousy forcing you to have to fight a green eyed monster Toolshed or Call Girl with the final battle ending with the one New Kid is dating confirming that it's over between them, and they've found someone new in the New Kid.

    THAT'S what I think they should do!
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