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    Developer Update: Changes Coming

    Happy Monday to all the New Kids out there! It’s me, Toller, and I’m back with this week’s Developer Update!

    Here is the Weekly Timetable

    You may notice that something is missing on our calendar this week. There will not be a Challenge Mode this week, as we’ve got the all new Chaos Mode beginning on July the 1st! We need this week off to properly set everything up, so enjoy a breather before the games begin again! For more info on this brand new mode, check out Buck’s post about it HERE

    So what is going to be up and running this week? Well, I’m glad you asked! On Monday we’ll have a 48-hour Big Mesquite Murph Mission Event! We’ll also have a card use event running on Wednesday and Thursday

    Here are the cards you’ll need on hand for this event:

    • Lightning Bolt
    • Arrowstorm
    • C*ck Magic
    • Transmogrify
    • Purify
    • Unholy Combustion
    • Mind Control
    • Poison
    • Super Fart
    • Lava!

    On Friday is the day that many of you have been waiting for! We’ll be releasing our newest card, the one and only Dark Angel Red!

    The following cards can be used and boosted in this weekend’s event:

    • Dark Angel Red
    • The Master Ninjew
    • Youth Pastior Craig
    • Sexy Nun Randy
    • Angel Wendy
    • Friar Jimmy
    • Incan Craig
    • Visitors
    • Le Bard Jimmy
    • Wonder Tweek
    • Terrance and Phillip
    • Pigeon Gang


    Let’s take a moment and admire this art:

    At long last, the Dark Angel Red card can be a part of your deck! She’s a really fun new card with a very interesting set of skills. I think you’ll find she’s a great addition to Phone Destroyer and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts! Here is how she can be played:

    She is an Epic Mystical Ranged card with an Energy Cost of 3. Her warcry is very different as she can kill the nearest ally that costs 5 or less with no self-revive, and respawns its card. For example, if you wanted to replenish the health of card on the battlefield, you can play Dark Angel Red to sacrifice their remaining life and come back at full strength!

    She can also revive the whole card of the sacrificed unit, which means that if she sacrifices a unit from a swarm, like a rat, she will bring the whole swarm back for the price of only one unit! I’m very excited to see what kinds of strategies players come up with for her!


    If you haven’t yet joined our official South Park: Phone Destroyer Discord Server, come on over! It's the best place for all South Park: Phone Destroyer discussions! If you’re interested in joining and hanging out with some great fellow New Kids, click HERE


    A brand new update will soon be ready for download, and with this Update comes some big changes! We’ve already discussed Chaos Mode in detail, so now it’s time for our Battle Pass changes to be explained!


    We’ve gone over some of this information already, which you can check out RIGHT HERE, but here is a quick rundown on the basics:

    There will now be a Battle Pass every month! We’ve brought the number of tiers down from 60 to 35 and adjusted the price accordingly for the Premium Track, from 1000 in Cartman Cash to 500 in Cartman Cash. Battle Tokens no longer exist! Instead the tiers will be unlocked by breaking phones, ten of them to be specific. The tiers will also unlock for progress via a timer. There will be one tier unlocked per day, and two tiers on both Saturday and Sunday. There will be some wiggle room for catching-up during the last week this way.

    Now, for some new information! Some of you may remember that we once tested out the ability to buy tiers in the Battle Pass. We had to remove it for technical issues, but many of you really liked that feature and asked to have it brought back. We’re happy to now have it back for good! Each tier will cost 150 cash to skip, no matter if it’s the last tier or the 6th tier. The option to purchase tier will open once you reach tier 5.

    Keep in mind that you can only purchase tiers that have already been unlocked via the in-game timer. You can’t rush ahead, but if you are wanting to catch-up you can purchase up to 10 unlocked tiers per day. Also important to note is that if you have four phones before you purchase a tier, those phones will not be overwritten. You will still have all four waiting at the next tier you land on.

    I think that explains everything but let me know if you have any questions! We’ll sort through these new changes together.

    (Also, how awesome is that new Battle Pass outfit? I’d wear it!)


    We managed to squeeze some bug fixes into this update too! The team has really pushed the boat out with this one! Two bugs that I know have been buzzing around your heads in particular are related to ManBearPig and to some audio issues, but they’ve now both been squashed!

    MeanBearPig was having issues with his attacks registering against a New Kid that had just lost a phone. This should no longer be an issue once the update rolls out!

    Some of you noticed that even with your audio muted, some cards of Rare, Epic, and Legendary status were still making noises as you opened them in packs. That has been taken care of now!

    We’ve also taken care of the issues with Wonder Tweek's tornado! Previously it wasn’t pulling your opponent’s cards in correctly, so they’ll now be pulled in as soon as they enter the tornado, rather than when they are halfway in.

    We’ve still got more that we’re working on behind the scenes, but if you’ve run into any game issues that we’ve not discussed previously, please reach out and let me know! The team likes to make sure their to-do list is up-to-date!

    That's it from me for now! I can't wait to hear your thoughts about all these changes. Are you excited? Worried? Reach out and let me know! I'll also answer all the questions I can.

    Let's all have an awesome week!

    Hearts and Hugs,
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    10 phones per pack? Are you kidding me? we need to work, stay with the family, and not play all the time!
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    So we can double Ninjew with 7 energy? LOL
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    What about matchmaking changes? Do we still have to fight with opponents with about 3-4 levels higher?
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    Any word on the balance changes?
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    I don’t see powerbind on the list. Was that intentional or just accidentally left off?
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    Mystic not best theme, this is fine.
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    This card will be best when used after taking a bar and having a character that gets blasted back with a sliver of health like Medusa always does. Can use it to start a new push quick
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    Don't be so dramatic.

    Originally Posted by ARTUZB0Y Go to original post
    10 phones per pack? Are you kidding me? we need to work, stay with the family, and not play all the time!
    That's 2 pvp packs. I work full time and have a life and I can do that. It's less than an hour of work.
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    just what the game needs.. double ninjew MBP

    see all the derankers are back.. please get these 24/25 NK's off my matchmaking
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