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    Trials Fusion - Known Issues - 22/06/2020

    Greetings Riders,

    We’re currently investigating two issues that are affecting player experience on Trial Fusion:

    • Missing Gear Issue: Various customization items for the bike and rider are missing from the Garage, even for players who have already purchased them. These items appear greyed out with text stating “Coming Soon”.
    • Track Central - Cross-platform Sharing Issue: There’s currently an issue affecting Track Central that is preventing tracks from being shared across all platforms. Uploaded tracks are currently only available on the platform they were uploaded on.

    We’re currently monitoring this situation and will provide an update when any new information becomes available. Thank you for your continued patience and support while we work on resolving these issues!

    EDIT: There has been some progress towards resolving these issues, missing gear should now be returning to your accounts and you will now be able to access cross-platform levels in Track Central. If you're still encountering these issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Support team or contact us here on the forums.
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    Thank you for letting us know that you are aware and working on it. FusionShared is back working, and a month worth of tracks has come through.
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    PanicOD: Awesome to hear, PanicOD!
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    how about the game showing as a demo, when is that gonna be fixed?
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