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    Hatch and door bug on PS4

    I’m having an issue on the PS4 Arcade editor: I’m placing a hatch door in a specific place however when I save, reload and then regenerate the nav mesh it moves position, every time.

    The object is called ‘Hatch bunker openable large‘ and here are the images of the door before and after saving the map:


    It just doesn’t want to stay lined up to where I originally place it. I’ve also tried it in its default horizontal orientation and the same issue occurs.

    Please fix this bug! Ive built a map that specifically revolves around this door for the gameplay to work and at the moment it won’t stay put, very frustrating.

    FYI I’ve had someone test this on PC and the issue doesn’t seem to happen on that platform.

    P.S whilst I’m on the subject of broken doors, the issue with the ‘door dynamic bunker bar’ still hasn’t been fixed, it’s classed as a dynamic openable door and it even has the same settings as the other dynamic doors yet it doesn’t open when playing the game.
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    For reference, here is footage direct from the PS4 showing the issue on a blank map: https://youtu.be/8qEs7CpRTeU

    First part of the vid shows where the hatch is placed, with an arrow for reference, then at the end of the video (after the map's been saved and reopened) you can see it's moved.

    This is repeatable behaviour, and moves every time it's save and reloaded.
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    Hey Real_Dan

    I'm sorry to hear you've been having trouble with the Arcade Editor.

    Thanks for taking the time to raise this up and provide some evidence.

    I've reported this to the Development Team so please keep an eye on the thread for any further updates!
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