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    Help on story mission: The Cult of Ares - A bad omen

    Hello, I just started this story of the cult of ares that is located in Thermopylae, I had to speak to a character called Nebula next to a ruined temple, as there were no voices, only the text appeared, he spoke to me about a new cult and 2 characters believed to be dead but according to history, they had survived, because he told me that there was a shipwrecked ship and that he should start looking there. According to the mission I had to go to Ensenada de Pandora in the Cercopes bandit camp, well I did everything there, there was no loot or treasure and even in a cave. Then I went to the shipwreck that is in the cove called PIRRO THE RED. Get all the loot out of there, I'm still exploring the area, but I don't really know what to do to complete this mission.

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    Thank you for contacting us.

    Have you checked the Cultists in the branch, to see if you need to reveal some of these ones first?
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