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    The great eastern club challenge

    It says obtain the great eastern via Archibald's special quest "The floating city". How do I start this quest? As I entered my game after the BH dlc I got quest from Archie and I recieved the one npc guy and the great eastern ship - so I have one great eastern ship, but this club challenge is still greyed out = not completed. Is that a bug or Did I miss anything? Thanks


    Takarazuka15 on reddit told me to write this here because it appears it is a bug.
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    UBI-Froggard's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff EMEA
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    Hey BattleOverlord,

    It has been unlocked for you now
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    Hello. Checked my account. It is still incomplete. (I did not start the game but I logged in my account). But dont worry about it I will try to use my other gameplay savegame where I did my anarchist quests and maybe I get lucky there and get the challenge here.
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    Hi there, sorry to hear this has still not unlocked for you, if possible could you contact us with an image showing this objective completed but the reward no longer available.?

    You can also contact us via our social media accounts on Twitter or Facebook
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