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    "Propaganda of the Deed" and "Chartered Company"


    I have questions about 2 achievements.

    1/ "Propaganda of the Deed"

    I'm currently in an Anarchist sandbox game with over 70+ hours into that game. I'm at level 57 with a population of 98 000 inhabitants.
    This is already the second Anarchist game I play. I played couple of non-anarchist sandbox games before and completed the campaign 2x with also the highest difficulty.
    In my current game I'm settled in the New World, Cape Trelawney and The Artic.
    I already got an alliance with Hugo and all other ai (Also one of the achievements). I already went to war with Hugo, friended him multiple times,... destroyed the other ai,... (Tried everything I could in terms of diplomacy to trigger the quest...)

    I have a feeling the achievenemt "Propaganda of the Deed" is bugged. I'm currently at 5/20. All of a sudden the quests for this achievement stopped. No new refugees are wanting to come to my island and after that trying to mess it up (which are the Propaganda of the Deed quests).
    I spend multiple evenings without any new quest for more then 20+ hours of realtime gameplay.

    I did a lot of research (Reddit, Anno ubisoft forum) but could not find a clear answer. Also a lot of people have problems with this quest. So, because no clear answer can be found, I went to the one source of truth, Anno support, but there I was not able to add a ticket because live chat can only be used, to see that also live chat is disabled.... Good customer experience...

    Can you give me a clear answer... Is there a known issue with this achievement? Or do I just need to trigger it in a different way?

    2/ "Chartered Company"

    As you can see in the screenshot attached, this looks bugged. I also encountered it at 51/31, ect. Is this a know issue? Can this be fixed?

    Thank you in advance.

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    No clear answer?
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