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    [Bug] Incorrect Aspect Ratio for Camera quest under 21:9 and long loading time

    I think some of the bug has been there for more than a year, but there is no sign this is going to be fixed.
    After consulted Thorlof, I will post it here:

    1. Regarding the aspect ratio, whenever there is a quest about taking a photo, and if I am using 21:9 monitor
    The photo will be stretched. There are two different stretches in two different places.
    One is at the confirm screen, another when is at the publish screen.
    Both of them stretched differently
    The text inside the confirm the screen is also been stretched

    I will try to provide screenshot when I got time, but maybe you can invoke camera function and show it using 3440x1440 resolution and you'll find the issue

    2, Regarding extra loading time, this one I figured by myself, if you have lots of saved file inside the game, it will dramatically increase the loading time a lot, I have to wait for more than 5 minutes to load the game. (Played for more than 200 hours so you know how many save files I got)
    Once you removed the saving files outside your profile folder, it started to work again.

    3. I remember there is another instance when the photo has been stretched under 21:9 resolution, (when you drag and item from one ship to another ship, but I guess it has been fixed recently, but worth double check)
    Thanks a lot for your help to look into these issues, really appreciated.
    Best regards
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    Also if system input is in another language, such as Chinese, when try to type any key inside the game, it will result in game crashes.
    This has also been there since release of the game.
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    Game interface is in English btw
    And here is the promised screenshot
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